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What are the advantages and disadvantages of FRP sculptures?

Fiberglass sculpture is a new type of handicraft sculpture, with a rich appearance and vivid colors, and the finished product is lifelike. It is very suitable for placing in public places. At the same time, the FRP sculptures are lighter in weight and easier to carry. However, there is no perfect thing in the world, so FRP sculptures will have some flaws. Then, what are the advantages and disadvantages of FRP sculptures? Advantages of FRP sculpture FRP sculpture products with

The importance of building a brand image

At a time when retail entertainment has become so important, it is now more than ever necessary to emphasize the brand’s ability to control the “retail experience”. It used to be an effective way to attract customers into the store. But now, for concept stores, investing money to build their brand is crucial, not just opening a store. Store design needs to incorporate customer experience. According to a study by Adobe, “80% of business decision-makers stated that improving the customer experience of an enterprise

Why does Europe take inspiration from Chinese shopping malls?

In the 20th century, department stores and shopping centers became institutions, changing the way consumers shop. The store has a wealth of displays and many corridors, so they are a great choice. You can spend a whole day browsing different shops. Today, store traffic is still high, but they need to make changes based on customer needs. It is no longer enough to provide a variety of products. People need more shopping experience. China is a leader in the retail industry, and other parts of

Seeing the future of retail design through the eyes of Gen Z-pop-up store

We are very happy and eager to show you how the pop-up store will affect the brand in the future and how customer interaction will develop in the eyes of Generation Z. The strategic role of pop-up stores is highly concentrated on brand promotion. One way to achieve this goal is through creative pop-up store design. Since pop-up stores mainly focus on products, the design tends to utilize enhanced themes centered on the product line itself. Taking into account the vision of Gen

Three Key Points of Using Chinese Feng Shui in Retail Store Design

Fengshui is a profound art with a long history of the Chinese nation, with a history of more than 3000 years. The principle of Feng Shui emphasizes the positive flow of energy, thereby creating a harmonious environment and subconsciously influencing people. In the retail industry, a good Feng Shui design can not only improve the atmosphere of the retail store but also effectively promote sales. The following points will explain how to use the energy of the “qi” flow to attract customers

Technology integration : China’s outstanding retail design

Retail stores are an important tool for promoting retail brands to consumers. It is necessary to attract consumers into retail stores from the outside to the inside, so as to effectively create an experience that can resonate with consumers and induce them to buy more goods, and further achieve deeper brand loyalty. Integrating technology into the design of a retail store can strengthen design elements while at the same time taking the customer experience to a new level as they explore the

Fiberglass sculptures enrich your interior decoration

Until now, any decoration techniques we have shared with you include fiberglass sculpture, which is one of the most wonderful decoration items. FRP is a modern art medium for producing sculptures or three-dimensional artworks. FRP objects are very fascinating, intended to make sculptural or decorative statements. The FRP art industry has been dominated by FRP blowers for a period of time, but the emerging FRP sculpture company has accepted the challenge and elevated it to an extraordinary art form. In Kolkata, a company called

The classic window design you should definitely collect!

2013 London▏Hackett flagship store “Birds” theme window The Hackett brand’s flagship store in London has launched a set of bird-themed showcases, breaking the conventional windows used for sales and display, creating an atmosphere of unique artistic beauty. Towering dead trees are used as display props in the window, and the branches cling to the ceiling, like a virgin forest in person. 2013 London▏Harvey Nichols (Harvey Nichols) Department Store Oil Painting Theme Window The 2013 London Harvey Nichols Department Store’s oil painting

Geometric Animal Decoration Large Resin Lacquer Resin Lion Statue

  Name Geometric Animal Decoration Resin Lion Statue Material Resin/Customized Size Standard/Customized Color Black, White, Red, Yellow/Customized Sample time 5-7 days Function Home Decoration, Business Gifts, Personal Souvenir Gifts Painting Test Standard Raw Materials and Paint are Eco-Friendly, and meet US/EU Standard, SGS, REACH, etc Packing Method Bubble Bag +Plain White Box /Color Box+Master Carton, Or as customer’s requirement  

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