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2013 London▏Hackett flagship store “Birds” theme window

The Hackett brand’s flagship store in London has launched a set of bird-themed showcases, breaking the conventional windows used for sales and display, creating an atmosphere of unique artistic beauty. Towering dead trees are used as display props in the window, and the branches cling to the ceiling, like a virgin forest in person.

2013 London▏Harvey Nichols (Harvey Nichols) Department Store Oil Painting Theme Window

The 2013 London Harvey Nichols Department Store’s oil painting themed window display took men as the theme, using bold and creative oil paintings as the window background, with bright and bright colors.

The glass of the showcase is also heavily colored, and the interior display uses painting tools as display props to echo the theme. The color of each window theme is different. The exhibitor uses a bold and glamorous tone to show the distinctive personality of each theme and shows the male masculinity in an artistic way.

London▏ Sloane Street Marni (Mani) store window

The design of the Marni brand store in London is as unique as its brand. The overall color of the store is mainly sea blue, which is like walking into the underwater world under the effect of lighting.

Japan▏American Apparel (AA American Apparel) rainy season theme window

In 2013, American Apparel Japan used the rainy season as the theme of the summer window in a new way. Special clouds are suspended in the window. The linear black stainless steel bracket represents the dense raindrops, which not only creates an image but also creates a sense of space. The model is displayed in the window with a unique posture. The simple and generous decoration interprets the style concept of American Apparel: Be yourself, Stay your own style.

2014 Vienna▏Steffl (Steffl) Christmas window

The Christmas window design of Vienna’s Steffl Department Store is based on the theme of Christmas fairy tales, creating an Alice wonderland in a fantasy background. The overall window design is very hierarchical. The exhibitor uses superb technology to integrate the model into the background with very few props, making the overall window look patchy.

Spain▏La Bohème insect-themed showcase

The La Bohème brand store in Valencia, Spain has launched an insect-themed series of windows, which are inspired by the works of the famous Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

The display window creatively uses blue flash discs and green beetles as display props, covering the entire visible part of the model. Butterflies flying in the window with a blue background, with soft lighting, it is very beautiful. The green beetle’s window is full of weirdness, showing a different visual sense.

Japan▏Wako Main Store Summer Window

In summer, the window design of Wako’s main store in Japan is based on the starry sky. In the dark blue background, velvet flowers are used as props to hang in the window. From a distance, it looks like blossoming trees and sparkling trees at night. Stars.


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