The importance of building a brand image

At a time when retail entertainment has become so important, it is now more than ever necessary to emphasize the brand’s ability to control the “retail experience”. It used to be an effective way to attract customers into the store. But now, for concept stores, investing money to build their brand is crucial, not just opening a store. Store design needs to incorporate customer experience. According to a study by Adobe, “80% of business decision-makers stated that improving the customer experience of an enterprise is one of their top priorities” (Adobe). This is why it is also your top priority:

More entertainment can improve the relationship with customers, leave a more lasting impression, and make your store design more competitive in the retail industry.

Now, more than ever, brands need to invest money and energy to build a strong brand image. Building a good brand image is essential to maintaining competitiveness. Use the following steps to help store design reach more people and stimulate their potential purchasing power.


1. Create a vision and understand your customers

The first step in realizing the greatest potential value of store design and (and) learning how to better interact with customers is to understand your current marketing audience. Store design for young people should focus on creating an “interesting” atmosphere, while adults need to be relatively “active”. Either way, no matter who is the target group, you need to focus on interaction with customers and create a sense of participation. Companies need to make their brands more outstanding through marketing, product adjustments, and entertainment. Impressing the target customer group with the vision of a customized store is the first step to understand and control its design.

“Understanding your target customers for successful online lead generation”


2. Investment in technology

The second step is to reinvest in technology integration. Currently, the Asian market is in a leading position in the use of technology. Technology is very important for attracting customers to the store and recording customer demand data. In Asia, about one-third of companies spend at least one-fifth of their budget on VR virtual reality technology or similar fun experiences to make their brands stand out. By integrating technology or VR into the concept store, customers can learn more about the product and generate higher loyalty to the entire brand.

“Consumers Are Changing E-Commerce Preferences”


3. Focus on business-to-customer marketing

Understanding the company’s vision and how to use technology is very important, but the most important factor in maintaining competitiveness is to focus time and energy on the entertainment experience. After analyzing the most competitive companies, people realized that “59% of global CMOs regard brand experience as a way to build a continuous relationship with their core audience, and 90% of global marketers believe that brand experience can bring powerful Face-to-face interaction and a more attractive sense of participation.” (Luttner). It is important to create an attractive store design and integrate retail entertainment into it, but it is also vital for the company to meet with different customers, build a network and build its own brand and establish a brand image. By participating in fairs, events, and exhibitions, brands can further develop their brands while establishing relationships with customers.

“Top Industry Tips on Mastering Networking in Insurance”


When companies have learned how to use retail entertainment, the next step they need to take now is to control their relationship with customers. By reinvesting funds into their vision/design, VR technology, and participating in various activities to build their own brand, companies can become more competitive and more successful in today’s retail market. Today’s customers are more interested in the experience than ever before. Store design needs to understand how to establish their own brand while leaving customers with a lasting impression of their concept store.


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